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Community Standards Reminder
Posted on May 23rd, 2019

Dear Baywood Residents,
We have received several inquiries regarding the Community Standards of Baywood as they relate to exterior decorations on individual homes.
Exterior decorations include such things as yard ornaments, yard sculptures, wall hangings, flags, banners, ornamental plantings, plant containers, exterior lighting, and any other item installed temporarily or permanently on the outside of any home or homesite, which is visible from public view. (Phew!)
The opinions & preferences of individual homeowners vary widely as to what constitutes a “tasteful” exterior decoration.  In the interest of protecting & preserving architectural harmony within the Baywood Community, the Ground Lessor has the right & responsibility to regulate what “tasteful” means in this context. 
While we appreciate individual expression of pride of ownership, and enjoy temporary holiday-themed displays, there are exterior decorations which detract from the visual harmony of Baywood. 
As an extreme example, Baywood would not permit a Homeowner to install a 20-foot high statue of a pink flamingo in their front yard, illuminated with floodlights and laser-beam displays.
As a less extreme (but more current) example, Baywood will not permit a Homeowner to display life-sized cardboard character cutouts.  Whether the cutout is of a gold-suited Elvis, Luke Skywalker, LeBron James or a political figure, these displays are not appropriate for the character of Baywood, and we shall require Homeowners to remove them.
We also ask that Homeowners choose tasteful flags to display from their homes.  An appropriately sized (3’x5’) United States flag is always a welcome sight, as are flags that are supportive of our service members, first-responders, or recognize holidays & seasons.  Flags or banners which do not follow these themes are less welcome, and Baywood may require Homeowners to remove them on a case-by-case basis.

Political campaign signs are permitted within Baywood for a duration of 30-days before or after an election, in accordance with Delaware regulations. Baywood may regulate the size & location of campaign signs on a case-by-case basis.
We appreciate your cooperation with the beauty of Baywood!
Lincoln Davis
Executive Director
Tunnell Companies, L.P.

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