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Baywood Political Signage for 2020
Posted on Sep 21st, 2020

Dear Baywood Residents,
An election is coming! What an exciting time of the year for the neighborhood to be festooned in red, white and blue campaign signs!

In response to the questions we've received about the Baywood Standards for campaign signs:
  • Political campaign signage placed in yards will be restricted to the period of time which begins 30-days before a Delaware primary election and ends 30-days after the general election. 
  • There is no limit to the size or number of political campaign signs installed at a homesite during this period, provided that the signs are “officially” produced by the campaign. 
  • Any homemade or “unofficial” political campaign displays may be regulated, if in the sole opinion of the Ground Lessor, the display is determined to be offensive, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise detracts from the visual harmony within the community.
  • Life-sized cardboard cutouts of candidates are not official campaign signage. They just look kind of junky in Baywood.
  • We're pretty sure that theft of campaign signs belonging to a another person is a Class "A" misdemeanor.  Check it out yourself at:
  • Please do not report theft of campaign signs to our staff. Baywood's Public Safety staff does not have the standing to investigate or prosecute crimes.
We also ask that Homeowners choose tasteful flags to display from their homes.  An appropriately sized (3’x5’) United States flag is always a welcome sight, as are flags that are supportive of our service members, first-responders, or recognize holidays & seasons.  Flags or banners which do not follow these themes are less welcome, and Baywood may require Homeowners to remove them on a case-by-case basis.
We appreciate your cooperation with the beauty of Baywood!

Lincoln Davis
Executive Director
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