BHA Email Issues (Email Goes to Spam/Junk)
Posted on Sep 16th, 2021

(Originally reported August 14)
Several residents have reported that, for about 2 weeks now ... perhaps since August 1 ... mail sent from the BHA originating at has been going directly into Spam or Junk folders.  The affected email recipient addresses appear (so far) to be limited to three domains:
  •,, and
BHA has sent 15 separate emails since August 1.  If your email address is within one of these three domains and/or if you have not received BHA email for a few weeks, please check your Spam/Junk folder.   
Marking messages in Spam/Junk as "not Spam/Junk" and/or moving them to your Inbox may resolve the problem.  Should the problem persist, you may need to contact your email service provider for further help.
It is unlikely this is a BHA out-going problem: our email logs show all mail being successfully sent.  It is more likely an in-coming problem at your end or with the email domains listed above.
Also, due to what appears to be a simultaneous explosion of BHA to Spam issues occurring around August 1 across three different email service providers, one can guess that the email software used by those services was upgraded with new spam filters that are rejecting BHA emails.  For security reasons, however, email service providers usually do not reveal explicit details of their spam filters actually work -- it will be up to you to work with your service provider to resolve the spam/junk issue.
Indeed, our website/email service provider has responded to our inquiry by quoting its technology policy:
  • Because each company's spam filters and policies are private and proprietary, we neither have access, control nor insight regarding an email message being marked as spam.
  • Our services do not include researching why email messages were marked as spam. We will not contact a recipient's email services provider, email spam filter provider or email software provider regarding email messages being marked as spam. One or more of these three providers is responsible for placing the email message in the recipient's email software provider's spam folder.
  • Email recipients must contact their chosen email services provider or email software provider for assistance with email messages being marked as spam.
The short answer, then, is
  1. Monitor your Spam/Junk email for BHA email.
  2. Move BHA messages in your Spam/Junk folder to your inbox; this may resolve the problem at least temporarily.
  3. Add senders of BHA email you find in your Spam/Junk folder to your Contacts list.  The most frequent senders are these:
  4. Contact your email service provider for more help.
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