Fundraiser for Baywood Resident
Posted on Oct 27th, 2010

Received from Baywood resident, LInda Pusey, regarding her daughter Tish McQuay.
Tish learned this summer that she has lyme disease and is receiving an agressive form of treatment through a pic line. Not only can this disease wreck havoc on the body but the treatment can often wreck havoc on your finances.
The visiting nurse and medicine required are costing well over $600 per week and treatment may go on for four or six plus months.
Friends have made a decision to help and, hence, this benefit. The dinner will also afford you the opportunity to find out more about this epidemic in the northeast - lyme disease.
I don't know where this will lead - hopefully improved health for Tish in the future and improved awareness for lyme prevention. This may be a first step for Tish in her crusade to help others. Many changes need to happen and she is very willing to lend her voice to bring awareness and bring about needed change in the medical and insurance arena.
Mountaire (Roger Marino) is willing to get behind this cause and will help Tish bring this issue to the public. Hopefully, there will be other public forums entitled, "In Your Backyard."
Again, I invite you to come on November 1 at the Cheer Center in Georgetown and enjoy a good dinnner, good fellowship, and learn how to protect yourself and your family from this prevalent disears. I invite you to check out the website, and read about Tish's personal story and to purchase tickets for the dinner. You may call me for tickets at 947-9065, also.
Thank you!
Fondly, Linda Pusey (Your neighbor on Cleek Way)
Also featured at the dinner -  a guest speaker, Marilyn Williams from the Lyme Disease Associaton of the Eastern Shore and a silent auction.
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