Picking Up After Pets
Posted on Feb 18th, 2017

Dear Baywood residents,
It has been reported to the Baywood BHA that individuals are not picking up after their animals. It is not known if they are residents, renters or visitors.
Baywood is renowned for the care and effort provided by its residents to maintain the appearance of the community. This conduct needs to be corrected.
The Tunnell group provides guidelines and procedures to be followed in the Community Guidelines document. It also provides remedies for those who do not follow the guidelines. If you observe individuals who are not picking up the animal waste and do not wish to address them personally, please make a note of where the individuals reside and the date and time the incident occurred. Provide this information to the BHA Board and we will pass the information to the Tunnell organization for resolution.
There is no requirement that you provide identification of yourself.
Baywood BHA
Sean McKinley
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