Golf Course Staff Requests Your Help
Posted on Mar 26th, 2020

Received Thursday, March 26

We are seeing many residents walking throughout the community and golf course.  During this unusual time, this is great to see and we encourage you to enjoy the beauty in our community.  But there are a few guidelines to remember while enjoying your walk or jog:
1. Please keep all pets off of the golf course.  Dog urine kills grass, especially this time of year when all of our grass types begin their active growth cycle.  
2. Our Turf Management team will begin applying plant health and pesticide products to the golf course.  Some of these materials can be harmful to animals if contact is made with an area where these products did not have adequate drying time.  Some products will need to be watered immediately, and irrigation heads will be cycling throughout the property before players reach these areas. Anticipate being sprinkled without warning.
3. We are applying treated wastewater to several areas of the golf course each morning before players arrive.  This is occurring more frequently because of increased influent.  Recent rainfall amounts and cooler temperatures also add to our wastewater application demands.
4. Early morning is the only time for our Landscape and Turf Management teams to perform necessary tasks before players arrive on the golf course.  We need the golf course clear in order to be safe and prepare for a full day of players.  Our staffs need the right-of-way during these hours. Please stay clear of our staff.
5. Once the golf course is occupied by players, please do not enter the course or cart paths, as it is unsafe due to golf cart traffic and golf balls traveling through the air.

6. Evenings are a perfect time to enjoy a walk around the golf course.  Please contact our Pro Shop if you have questions concerning which holes are unoccupied and available to resident walkers.
Thank you for your cooperation. Please be safe!

Jamie Palokas
Golf Course Superintendent
Baywood Greens
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