Frequently Asked Questions
About Baywood
  • chevron_rightHow large a community is Baywood?
    As of mid-November, 2022, these are the relevant numbers (all approximate, of course)
    Number of streets: 27 (officially called ways and dells)
    Occupied home sites: 375
    Total population: 660
    Membership in the Baywood Homeowners' Association is voluntary, yet approximately 80% of residents do choose to become BHA members.
  • chevron_rightIs Baywood a 55+ Community?
    Please visit the website of Baywood Homes, LLC to learn more about our community and the possibilities of home ownership in Baywood and/or to request information about the community.
  • chevron_rightCan you send me information about the Baywood community?
    The Baywood Homeowners' Association (BHA) is neither a developer of the Baywood property nor a manager of the facilities and services made available to residents of the Baywood community. The BHA has no involvement in sales transactions.
    Rather, the BHA represents the interests of homeowners in Baywood. The About Us page on this site describes our purpose as an organization of homeowners in the Baywood community.  Additional pages of the website convey as much information as we can make available about the BHA and the community.
    Please visit the website of Baywood Homes, LLC to learn more about our community and the possibilities of home ownership in Baywood and/or to request information about the community.
  • chevron_rightIs there a Map of Baywood?
    Yes. Please visit the Our Location page of the website.
Baywood Amenities
  • chevron_rightIs Fishing Allowed in Ponds in the Community?
    The Baywood Community Standards contain the following language about the Use of Ponds.
    • The use of ponds within Baywood is strictly prohibited by any Lessee.  The ponds within the Community are primarily maintained for the golf course and may not be used for fishing, boating, bathing or any other private use.  Fishing is allowed in ponds accessible from the Baywood residential common areas.
    With help from Lincoln Davis, Executive Director of the Tunnell Companies, we can better formulate what this means for you.
    • Fishing is allowed only in ponds accessible from the residential side of the community.
    • Stay off the golf course and, for your own safety, stay away from community areas adjacent to the golf course when golfers are present and you may be in the "line of fire."
    • All fishing is expected to be “catch-and-release.”
    • Only Baywood residents and Tunnell Company staff are allowed to fish in Baywood ponds.  If a resident is not comfortable asking someone to leave who is neither a resident or a member of the Tunnell Company staff, they should call our Public Safety Department at 302-945-1029.  An Officer will come over, determine whether or not the person is allowed to fish in the pond, and  ask them to leave the community if not allowed.
  • chevron_rightWhat Amenities are Available at the Community Center?
    In addition to the pool (in-season), the Community Center contains
    • a small room with exercise equipment;
    • a large screen TV with VCR and DVD player;
    • wireless internet access;
    • table-top shuffleboard game and electronic game console;
    • book exchange.
    The Children's Playground is located directly in front of the Center.
  • chevron_rightIs there Help Available on How to Use the Fitness Equipment at the Community Center?
    Information available from the manufacturer of the equipment includes the following:
    • Precor – Discovery Series Selectorized Line DSL315 Rotary Torso: YouTube Video
    • Precor – Functional Training System: 18 Videos
    • Precor – C024ES Multi Press: Manual (see Page 17)
    • Precor – C027ES Leg Extension/Curl: Manual (see Page 5)
    Remember that workout routines are highly varied, based upon an individual’s current physical condition, medical history, familiarity with exercise equipment, goals and motivations. The best routines will include components of cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, and flexibility. It is a great idea to always workout with a friend or partner, for both safety and motivation. 
    If you're a beginner, consider doing an internet search of terms such as "exercise programs for beginners."  One we could easily locate is at  
  • chevron_rightAre there Other Amenities Available to Baywood Residents?
    Yes. Baywood residents can avail themselves of amenities provided at the Tunnell Company's sister PotNets communities located farther down Long Neck Road. Here's what is available.
      Baywood Bayside Coveside Creekside Dockside Lakeside Seaside
    Bait & Tackle Store   X         X
    Baseball Field   X          
    Basketball Court   X          
    Boat Ramps   X X X X   X
    Boat Slips   X X   X   X
    Bocce Courts X            
    Community Center X X       X  
    Conservation Areas       X      
    Dog Park X X          
    Fishing and Crabbing Piers
      X X X X   X
    Fishing Ponds X         X  
    Golf Course X            
    Horseshoe Pit X            
    Music on the Beach   X         X
    Nature Trails       X      
    Pavilion             X
    Picnic Tables   X         X
    Pickle Ball X            
    Playgrounds X X         X
    Private Bay Beaches   X         X
    Restaurant X X         X
    Sailing, Waterskiing, Windsurfing   X         X
    Shuffleboard             X
    Swimming Pool X ### ### ### ### ### ###
    Tennis Courts X X   X      
    Volley Ball           X  
    ### All Community Pools are restricted for use only by the residents of the community
    in which they are located (this includes the Baywood community pool). ###
  • chevron_rightWhere's the Dog Park and What are the Rules?
    The dog park opened in October, 2010. It is located on Crooked Stick Way, immediately to your right after turning off Back Nine Way onto Pivot Way, and then onto Crooked Stick Way. It is open from dawn until dusk.
    Rules and Regulations are as follows (these are clearly posted at the entrance to the dog park).
    • Baywood Residents and their guests only.
    • Park users and dog owners assume all risk related to park use.
    • Owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their dogs at all times.
    • Owners must remain with dogs and carry a leash within the fenced area.
    • Owners must clean up after their dogs.
    • All dog waste must be picked up, bagged and placed in a waste container.
    • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.
    • Dogs exhibiting dangerous behavior are prohibited.
    • Dogs must be wearing a collar with identification at all times.
    • Puppies under four months old are prohibited.
    • Dogs in heat are prohibited.
    • Limit three dogs per person per visit.
    • An adult must closely supervise children.
    • Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving park.
    • The location of this dog park is temporary and will be moved to a permanent site in a future phase of Baywood when necessary.
  • chevron_rightWhere are the Tennis/Pickleball Courts and What are the Rules?
    The tennis court was opened in 2013 and is located between the ninth green, tenth tee, and the driving range at the golf course, just behind the gazebo.  Pickleball nets and court markings were added a few years later.
    You can access the court by driving your golf cart around the Pro Shop or behind the Clubhouse, then past the practice putting greens and teeing bays, and then towards and around to the left of the gazebo. There is a small parking area adjacent to the tennis court for golf carts.
    If you arrive by motor vehicle or on foot, you should identify yourself to Pro Shop outside staff as you enter the area as a resident and let them know you're accessing the tennis court.
    The rules as posted at the tennis court are:
    • The tennis/pickleball courts are for Baywood residents and their accompanied guests only.  Unaccompanied guests are not permitted, and will be asked to leave the facility.
    • Use of the court is at your own risk. 
    • No food, glass, or alcoholic beverages are permitted.
    • No pets are allowed on the court.
    • No bicycles, roller blades, or skate boards are allowed on the court.
    • Shirts and proper footwear are required. No black soled shoes allowed.
    • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Court hours are from dawn until dusk.
    • Sitting on, pushing or pulling on and adjusting nets is prohibited.  Should any players need the tennis net tensioned or loosened, the winch handle is kept inside the Golf Pro Shop.
    [Updated May, 2023]  In order to accommodate the growing popularity of pickleball within Baywood, and to resolve scheduling conflicts for the facility, we have established some "standing" reservations. We are accommodating those groups who have a history of regularly and consistently playing on the courts, and for the remainder of 2023 will block out certain hours each week for each group.
    These groups include the Baywood Homeowner Association (BHA), which welcomes newer players with instruction and fellowship, along with three other Resident groups (Reserved) who play at varying skill levels.
    • Reserved Monday, 9:00 AM - noon
    • Reserved Tuesday, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Reserved Wednesday, 8:00 AM - noon (BHA)
    • Reserved Thursday, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (BHA) and also 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Reserved Friday, 8:00 AM - 10:00 (BHA)
    All other Baywood residents are welcome to use the tennis/pickleball court at any other time, and can reserve the court up to one-week in advance at the Baywood Golf Pro Shop.

Baywood Public Safety
  • chevron_rightWho do I call in the case of an Emergency?
    Always dial 911 in the case of an emergency.
    To report non-emergency situations
    call Sussex County Dispatch at 302.856.5655 or 302.855.2980
    For fire and ambulance, Baywood Public Safety monitors local fire and ambulance frequencies and will assist vehicles in quickly locating Baywood addresses. Baywood Public Safety vehicles also carry emergency defibrilators.
    For police (as well as fire and ambulance), it is best to additionally contact Baywood Public Safety at 302.945.1029 only after calling 911 or one of the Sussex County Dispatch numbers so that responses can be better coordinated.
  • chevron_rightHow do I contact Baywood Public Safety
    Baywood Public Safety Hours of Operation How It Works
    8:30 am – 4:00 pm
    During these hours, you will reach the Public Safety team directly.  Whoever answers the phone will have a working knowledge of the Baywood community and will respond to your call quickly and efficiently.
    Saturday, Sunday,
    Holidays, and
    After Normal Hours
    When calling during the weekend, on holidays or between the hours of 4:00 pm and 8:30 am, your call will be taken by an Answering Service
    The person taking your call has no knowledge of the Baywood Community and will not be familiar with the location of your home.  They will not know where the golf course is nor will they know the phase number in which you live.  They are contracted to take your message and promptly page a Baywood Public Safety Officer who is on duty.

    The most expeditious way of getting a Public Safety Officer to respond to your call is to provide the following information to the Answering Service:
    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Identify yourself as a resident of Baywood
    • Your phone number
    • A brief description of your issue
    • Tell the answering service whether or not you want the Security Officer to acknowledge your call before arriving at your residence
    The Answering Service answers calls for more than one company.  Therefore, when you call, from time to time you may get a message indicating that all operators are busy.  You will be asked to either hold on for the next available operator or leave a message.  It is highly recommended that you hold for an operator.  Your issue will be addressed faster as it may take longer for the operator to have time to retrieve a message.
    Contact Information By Phone:     302-945-1029
    By eMail:
  • chevron_rightWhat does Baywood Public Safety do?
    Baywood Public Safety has the primary responsibility for all issues involving the safety and security of our residents.  Local authorities coordinate all responses to 911 calls with Baywood Public Safety, enabling emergency vehicles to quickly locate residences in Baywood.
  • chevron_rightWhen does Baywood Public Safety patrol Baywood?
    Baywood's Public Safety works together with our sister PotNets communities to patrol the community several times each day.  A dedicated security vehicle is on the Baywood premises from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night.  An unmarked patrol vehicle is also assigned to Baywood (at unpublished times).
  • chevron_rightShould I Be Worried About Car Theft in Baywood?
    No matter where your vehicle is located, whether within the community, at the grocery store, at the outlets, or travelling to visit friends and relatives, you will always present some level of opportunity for a would-be thief to attempt a vehicle break-in. Once vehicle access is gained, any number of criminal activities becomes possible, from a simple grab and snatch of a wallet or GPS device, to theft of the vehicle itself and possibly personal attack and injury.
    Several car break-ins were reported in Baywood during 2010 and, in response, State Police visited the BHA membership in September, 2010, to discuss overall neighborhood security issues, including vehicle theft. We have available a list of 50 tips provided to us by the State Police to help you reduce your chances of being the victim of a vehicle break-in or theft.
BHA Website Operation
  • chevron_rightShould I be worried about supplying information in my Profile?
    No.  The information you supply to the BHA in your Profile is used mainly to produce the annual, printed Resident Directory available only to BHA members and to residents via BHA Phase Representatives.  The information contained therein is primarily "name, phone, address, and email."
    Your information is then maintained on the website by the Web Committee (which manages the website and resolves login and access issues), the BHA Membership and Outreach Chairs (who update BHA membership status), and the BHA Secretary (who provides timely communications to the membership). Other BHA officers, including the Phase Representatives, also have access to the database.
    Please see our full statement on access to membership and resident information on the Policies page.
  • chevron_rightWhy Can't I Access the Members Pages of the Website?
    The Members pages of the website are restricted to members of the BHA. 
    BHA membership costs $15 per calendar year through April 25th of the following year (for two adults residing at the same address). Membership fees not only support the overall operation of the website, but allow upgraded access to the restricted Members pages of the website and an annual printed copy of the resident directory.  Membership fees also underwrite reduced admission costs at some BHA sponsored events, provide the ability to vote in the annual BHA elections, and support the ongoing operation of the organization.
    To join the BHA, you can drop off a check made out to the "BHA" for $15 to the BHA Membership Committee chair, Pennie Bartholomew at 32311 Mulligan Way. All dues payments received are acknowledged via an email confirmation.
    To check your membership status, please visit the Profile page, then scroll down to the item named "Member Until." For those paid for the 2022 calendar year, the entry should read "2023-04-25." You'll also see the date of your Last Payment Received, when Membership last processed your most recent dues payment.
  • chevron_rightWhy am I not receiving BHA Emails?
    In August, 2021, residents reported that email sent from the BHA originating at were going directly into Spam or Junk folders.  Affected email recipient addresses appear (so far) to be limited to three domains:
,, and
    (We have often fielded this question over the years, and the domains listed above have been the usual offenders.)  
    If your email address is within one of these three domains and/or if you have not received BHA email for a few weeks, please check your Spam/Junk folder.   
    Marking messages in Spam/Junk as "not Spam/Junk" and/or moving them to your Inbox may resolve the problem.  Should the problem persist, you may need to contact your email service provider for further help.
    It is unlikely this is a BHA out-going problem: our email logs routinely show all mail being successfully sent.  It is more likely an in-coming problem at your end or with the email domains listed above.
    Also, email service providers frequently upgrade their ail software with new spam filters, that can sometimes suddenly start rejecting BHA emails, due to the frequency at which emails are sent, especially in the summer months.  For security reasons, however, email service providers usually do not reveal explicit details of their spam filters actually work -- it will be up to you to work with your service provider to resolve the spam/junk issue.
    Indeed, our website/email service provider has responded to our inquiry by quoting its technology policy:
    • Because each company's spam filters and policies are private and proprietary, we neither have access, control nor insight regarding an email message being marked as spam.
    • Our services do not include researching why email messages were marked as spam. We will not contact a recipient's email services provider, email spam filter provider or email software provider regarding email messages being marked as spam. One or more of these three providers is responsible for placing the email message in the recipient's email software provider's spam folder.
    • Email recipients must contact their chosen email services provider or email software provider for assistance with email messages being marked as spam.
    The short answer, then, is
    • Monitor your Spam/Junk email for BHA email.
    • Move BHA messages in your Spam/Junk folder to your inbox; this may resolve the problem at least temporarily.
    • Add senders of BHA email you find in your Spam/Junk folder to your Contacts list.  The most frequent senders are these:,,, and
    Finally, consider contacting your email service provider for more help.
Community Center/Pool
  • chevron_rightHow Do I Gain Access to the Community Center?
    Since 2018, entry to the Community Center has been controlled by key-fob to the front door.
    Residents are issued key-fobs upon arrival in the community.  All key-fob issues can be addressed at the Sales Office at the Route 24 entrance.
  • chevron_rightAre there Regular Activities at the Community Center?
    Yes...quite a few. 
    All reserved activities and events at the Community Center are posted directly to the complete BHA Calendar. These include all weekly and monthly reservations for card games, exercise classes, Pot Luck dinners, membership meetings, and many more.
  • chevron_rightCan I Reserve the Community Center for a Pool Party or Private Party?
    (1)  The pool can be rented during the summer after normal operating hours.  On Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, the pool may be rented from 6:00 pm -10:00 pm for a fee of $225.00**.  On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the pool may be rented from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm for a fee of $225.00**.  (Reservations are subject to availability of lifeguard staff, but the costs do include the cost of lifeguards.) 
    (2)  The Community Center can be rented anytime during the year, subject to availability.  Fees are $50/hour** for the first two hours, then $25/hour** thereafter. 
    (3)  Both the pool and the Community Center can be rented for a single event as well.
    You can obtain a pool party application form at the Sales Center office.  The Forms page in the Residents area of the website also has a link to the pool party application form. (You must be logged in as a registered user of the website in order to access the Forms page.)
    ** Note: The rates above were correct as of early 2019.  Rates are subject to change and are confirmed only upon filing at the Sales Office.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Regulations for the Pool?
    • No running, pushing or horseplay in or around the pool
    • No swearing
    • No hanging on ropes
    • No food or drink within 10 feet of the pool
    • No glass containers or bottles allowed
    • Diapered children must wear rubber pants
    • No one under 10 years of age is permitted unless accompanied by an adult 18 years or older
    • Stay out of landscaping area
    • No chewing gum in the pool
    • All pool members and guests must sign in
    • No jumping from upper pool to lower pool
    • No jumping or hanging from the bridge 
    Lifeguards have the authority to apply further restrictions, if necessary, to ensure safety.
  • chevron_rightWhen is the Community Center Open?
    The Community Center is locked 24 hours a day and can only be accessed by your Baywood-issued key-fob. Your key-fob will allow you access to the community center seven days a week from 5:30 am – 10:00 pm.
    If you have troubles with your key-fob, contact the Sales Office at the Route 24 entrance. 
  • chevron_rightWhen will the pool be open in 2024? (Updated)
    After being open for the weekends of May 25 and June 1, the pool is open for daily operation from Saturday, June 8 weekend through Labor Day weekend.  
    In 2024, hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday through Thursday, and Noon to 8:00 PM on Friday.
  • chevron_rightAre guests allowed at the pool?
    Residents are welcome to bring their guests to the Baywood pool (there is no additional charge).  You and your guests must enter the pool house area using your key fob.
Golf Carts
  • chevron_rightWhat are the local regulations for golf cart usage?
    Note: All new homeowners should have received the Golf Cart Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines brochure at settlement.  
    Golf cars are a great way of getting around at Baywood.  When used properly, they are safe, convenient, fun, and good for the environment.   Please respect these rules and guidelines as they will enhance your peaceful enjoyment of Baywood.
    • All residents and guests are subject to Delaware traffic laws, whether driving a motor vehicle, golf cart, bicycle or simply walking.
    • To drive a golf cart within the Baywood community, it must be properly tagged (green tag on the back of your cart) by the main office located at Bayside Pot Nets Community.
    • Drivers of golf carts must be 14 years of age or older.  No one under that age may operate a golf cart unless they are accompanied by an adult.  Golf cart operators must have a photo ID.  Children 14 years old and older may obtain a golf cart driver’s license at the main office at  Pot Nets’ Bayside Community.
    • Children under 16 years of age may not operate a golf cart after dark.
    • No golf cart traffic is allowed on the golf course after dark.
    • There is a limit of four people per golf cart unless the golf cart is outfitted with more seating capacity.  For example, some golf carts are outfitted to seat 6 passengers or more.  In this case, there can be more than 4 passengers on a golf cart.  All passengers must be seated when the golf cart is moving.
    • Community speed limit is 23 miles per hour. Drivers may not impede the normal traffic flow of motor vehicles.
    • When driving on the roads, stay to the right and yield to other motor vehicles.  Stop at all stop signs.
    • DO NOT DRIVE ON LANDSCAPED AREAS or private property.  Park your vehicle in areas designated for golf carts and away from intersections, crosswalks, and fire hydrants.
    • Always yield to pedestrians and oncoming traffic, particularly at intersections.  When passing, use extreme care.
    • Turn on headlights after dusk or when visibility is low and try to keep your golf cart charged and in good operating condition.  GOLF CARTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE OPERATED WITHIN BAYWOOD BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND 6 A.M.
    • If you see any suspicious activity, violation of golf cart guidelines, misuse of a golf cart, someone walking or driving on the golf course when they should not be (i.e, during normal golf course operating hours or after dark), please call security at 302-945-1029.
    Please make sure these rules and guidelines are followed to ensure that your peaceful enjoyment of Baywood is not disrupted.  We all have a role to play here, please carry out yours.
  • chevron_rightWhat should I know about my golf cart?
    We've prepared some tips for you based on information that we've collected both from the internet and from sources here at Baywood.  NOTE: The first section of this 2009 document incorrectly states the current age restrictions of golf cart drivers.  The brochure reference in the FAQ item above states current age restrictions in Baywood.  
Golf Course
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Resident Golf Rates?
    Baywood Greens is an upscale, daily-fee public course that charges greens fees that can easily reach an over-the-counter fee of $150 on weekends in the peak season.  Residents generally enjoy a favorable discount off the rack rate fees, and can book tee times up to one year in advance. Rates apply for residents and their guests alike.
    2024 Resident Rates (communicated 19 December, 2023)
      Mon - Thu Fri - Sun 9 Holes Twilight
    Jan 1 - Feb 25 $39 $39 $25 $29
    Feb 26 - Mar 31 $49 $49 $30 $39
    Apr 1 - Apr 21 $65 $75 $39 $55
    Apr 22 - June 9 $75 $109 $49 $59
    June 10 - Sep 8 $109 $109 $49 $59
        from 11:00 to 1:00 $79 $109    
        1:00 until Twilight $79 $79    
    Sep 9 - Oct 13 $75 $109 $49 $59
    Oct 14 - Oct 27 $59 $75 $39 $49
    Oct 28  - Nov 10 $49 $59 $35 $39
    Nov 11 - Dec 1 $39 $49 $25 $35
    Dec 2 - Dec 31 $39 $39 $25 $29
    Note. (Disclaimer) Please always verify the resident rate either online or directly with the Pro Shop when making a tee time reservation. 
    Note. The course is scheduled to be closed for aeration and general maintenance during the following announced periods (weather permitting):
    • Monday, March 11, through Wednesday, March 13
    • Monday, August 26, through Wednesday, August 28
    There is often a maintenance cycle that begins in mid-November, which may or may not cause closure of the golf course.
  • chevron_rightAre there times when the Golf Course is Unavailable for Play?
    Special Notice for Winter, 2022-2023: The Baywood Greens Pro Shop has advised that the driving range will be closed for the winter, and reopen on Friday, March 17.

    Yes. There times when the Golf Course is Unavailable for Play.
    The course does close for short periods for aeration and maintenance.  In 2023, the course announced closures for aeration and general maintenance during the following dates: Monday, March 6, through Thursday, March 9; and Monday, August 21, through Wednesday, August 23.
    Other than that, the course generally is open every day of the year (weather permitting in winter, of course), but it does occasionally host area tournament groups and outings that will effectively close the course for the day.
    For all scheduling concerns, please call the Pro Shop at (302) 947-9800, or toll free (888) 844-2254.
  • chevron_rightCan Residents Use the Golf Course's Practice Facility?
    Residents are allowed unlimited use of the practice facilities at any time for no cost, which includes access to the driving range, chipping area, and putting greens. Practice balls (having limited flight characteristics) are available on the range, either in the bays or via buckets filled at the ball dispenser at the rear of Slicer's. (If no practice balls are available, ask either the outside golf attendants for balls, or ask inside the Pro Shop for help.)
    Note: The driving range usually closes one hour prior to the Pro Shop closing; and closes somewhat earlier on Sunday afternoon for ball pickup and range maintenance, perhaps as early as 3:00 depending on staff scheduling and golf course traffic.
    If you take your golf cart to the practice areas, enter from the Clubhouse side of the range by traveling along the back of the Clubhouse, or enter from the Pro Shop parking area, driving to the left of the Pro Shop. Please park so as not to block regular golf course traffic in and around the Pro Shop.
    If you walk or take a vehicle to the Pro Shop parking lot, please be sure to identify yourself as a resident with the outside attendants upon your arrival before entering the practice area.
  • chevron_rightWhen can I walk, jog, bicycle, or drive on the golf course cart paths?
    Mark Coty, General Manager of Baywood Greens, communicated the following note and guidelines to the community in May of 2012.  This policy has generally remained unchanged since that time, but please also see the website page for Residents -> Reports.
    Many of the Baywood residents do enjoy walking, driving your golf cart and riding bicycles on the golf course cart paths.  We want you to enjoy the beauty of Baywood and we would like to give you some general guidelines of when and when not to be on the course.  These rules are in place mostly to protect you and also to protect the golf course.  They are as follows:
    • If you are going out on the course, please do not travel on any golf hole where there are customers playing golf.  We do not want anyone to get hit by a golf ball. The best time to go out is first thing in the morning so that you stay well ahead of the golfers. Golf starts at 6:30am normally on hole #1 and 8:00am on hole #10.  The course will be completely full by 10:30.  If you want to walk/ride the cart paths on the front nine, please do so no later then 6:15am.  If you choose to walk/ride the back nine, please do so by 7:30am.
    • In the evening, our last group usually goes off the front nine by 5:30pm.  We suggest that if you choose to walk/ride the front nine in the evening, please do so after 7:00pm.  The back nine will have golfers on every hole until dusk.  So we ask that you stay off the back in the evenings.
    • During the early morning hours and in the evenings, the course superintendent may be running an irrigation program.  Sprinklers come up randomly and may hit you. If you see a sprinkler on nearby, please know that it may go down and another will come up.  It would be best to avoid any area being watered for your protection.
    • On occasion, we have tournaments that start late morning.  In those situations, you may walk/ride the course before the tournament begins and/or after it ends.  Please call the golf shop.
    • If you are unsure of the rules or have a question about players on the course, please call the pro shop and they can instruct you where you can access the golf course.(302-947-9800)
    • If you find yourself in a position where you have caught up to players or players have caught up to you, please proceed carefully to the first exit point, exit points are on holes #1, #2 , #4, #9, #11, #13, #14, #15, #17 and #18.
    • Our busy season is April – mid November.  Outside of this date range, there will be fewer players on the course and more opportunities for you to travel the paths, again, please phone the pro shop.
    • We ask that you please do not walk your pets on the golf course, pet urine will kill grass, we would prefer that you walk your pets in one of the many common areas in the residential neighborhood.
    • No skateboards allowed on the course at any time.
    • No traffic allowed on the course after dark.  This is for your safety and also we want to protect the grass/landscaping from any damage should your cart leave the path.  Also, irrigation will be running and you will not see it and you may be hit by high pressure water. If we see golf carts on the paths after dark, we will notify security.
    • If you see any suspicious activity or someone walking/riding the course during golfing hours, please call the golf shop.  If it is after hours, please call security 302-945-1029
    • If any residents or guests of residents are found to be on the course where there are golfers playing, you will be asked to exit the golf course by a member of the pro shop staff or by a member of the golf course maintenance staff.
    Again, please enjoy the beauty of Baywood Greens, but please do so safely.  If you were to be struck by an errant golf ball, you may sustain a serious injury.  In the event of an incident, please report it to our golf shop immediately.  Our telephone number is 302-947-9800.

    Thank you for your cooperation,
    Kind Regards,
    Mark A. Coty
    General Manager
    Baywood Greens
Maps and Phases at Baywood
  • chevron_rightAre there maps of Baywood?
  • chevron_rightWhat Phase Am I In?
    The list by streets is:
    • Phase 1: Approach Way, Greens Way  (from Haskell Dell to the Route 23 entrance), Long Iron Way, Long Spoon Way (lots 3128-3141, 3254, 3280-3288), Putter's Dell, Tee Dell
    • Phase 2: Free Drop Way, Greens Way (from Haskell Dell to the wooden bridge), Haskell Dell
    • Phase 3: Caddies Way, Cleek Way, Long Spoon Way (lots 3109-3127, 3332-3336)
    • Phase 4: Apron Way, Back Nine Way (lots 37xx), Pot Bunker Way
    • Phase 5: Back Nine Way (lots 38xx), Bent Way (lots 38xx)
    • Phase 6: Back Nine Way (lots 39xx), Bent Way (lots 39xx), Dormie Way, Mashie Way
    • Phase 7: Core Way, Dew Way, Dogleg Way (lots 4125-4131), Sweet Spot Way (lots 4000-4009), Velocity Way
    • Phase 8: Dogleg Way (lots 4054 - 4124), Fringe Way, Hook Way, Marshal Way, Sweet Spot Way (lots 4010-4016)
    • Phase 10: Crooked Stick Way, Dimple Way, Lob Way, Mulligan Way, Topline Way
    See also our FAQ entry above for "Are there maps of Baywood."
  • chevron_rightWhat's the Meaning of the Street Names in Baywood?
    Unless you're a golfer, you probably don't know much about the terms associated with the game of golf that have become the names of the streets in Baywood (which are officially Ways and Dells).
    A resident has researched this question and we have posted this on our new Street Names of Baywood page.
Neighborhood Issues
  • chevron_rightWhat are the regulations about having pets?
    • Pets are required to be on a leash at all times once outside the owner's lot.
    • Owners are responsible for picking up their pet's waste in all common areas of the community.
  • chevron_rightHow do I file a Complaint about a Neighborhood Issue?
    Any resident can file a complaint about property or neighborhood issues by filling out a form and sending it to Tunnell Companies, 34026 Anna's Way Suite 5, Long Neck, DE  19966.
    You can obtain a copy of the complaint form from the Forms page in the Residents area of the website. (You must be logged in as a registered user of the website in order to access the Forms page.)
  • chevron_rightWhen is Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collection?
    A copy of the complete 2024 Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste collection schedule
    TRASH: is collected every Monday.  In the case of a Monday holiday, trash pickup will be delayed one day.  Please face trash containers to open towards the street and position them at least four feet away from any other container.  Do not place containers on grass.
    RECYCLING: is collected every other week on Mondays (same day as regular trash collection, just every other week). In the case of a Monday holiday, recycling pickup will usually be delayed one day.
    As with regular trash collection, face recycling containers to open towards the street and position them at least four feet away from the regular trash container. Do not place recycling containers on grass.
    Please see the second page of the schedule for what is accepted for recycling and what is not.
    YARD WASTE: Yard waste is collected every other Thursday, in the same week as recycling is collected, although collections may carry over to Friday depending on seasonal volume.  NOTE: no yard waste collection is scheduled in the weeks of Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
    Yard waste should be placed in the blue container with the green lid.  Additional yard waste should be placed in paper bags.
  • chevron_rightHow Can I Dispose of Trash That Cannot Be Put Out in Trash Bins or Recycling?
    Consider visiting the website of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority.  The main landfill for Sussex county is in Georgetown, off of Route 20, but DSWA also runs a satellite transfer facility just a few miles away from Baywood on Route 5, just past the Independence community.
    DSWA runs regular collection events at the Georgetown facility for household hazardous waste collection, paper shredding, electronics recycling, and latex paint collection.  Additionally, DSWA runs local events for these collections throughout the state, with the closest one to Baywood scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2019, at the Long Neck Elementary School.