Board Members & Committees of the BHA
Each of the officers of the Baywood Homeowners Association listed below can be contacted using the Contact Us form.  Be sure to include the name of the person or officer you'd like to contact in your message and we'll have it redirected appropriately for you.
Baywood residents who are logged in to the website can learn more about the members of the Board of the BHA who contribute their time and best efforts to make the BHA work better for you and the community on the Meet the BHA Board page of this website.
  Name Street Term Expires
President Harry Baumes Back Nine Way June 2024
Vice President Ken Lebo Free Drop Way June 2025
Secretary Helen Krewson Cleek Way June 2024
Treasurer Jack Walsdorf Back Nine Way June 2025
Phase Representatives
  Name Street Term Expires
Phase 1 Herbert Cordero Long Spoon Way June 2025
Phase 2 Melinda Moore Greens Way June 2024
Phase 3 Gary Maratta Caddies Way June 2025
Phase 4 Sue Baumes Back Nine Way June 2024
Phase 6(5) Don Dalton Back Nine Way June 2024
Phases 7(8) Maxine Lebo Core Way June 2025
Phase 10 Terry Rauber Crooked Stick Way
June 2024
 Where you live determines who your Phase Representative is.
See the Frequently Asked page
if you're unsure which Phase you're in.
Committees and their Membership
Activities Dawn Jaicks (Chair), Sue Baumes, Karen Carson, Valerie Cordero, Pat Cornell, Kathi Gallichio, Doug Glaeser (Technology), Patti Glaeser (Web & Calendar), Dianne Keough (Communications), Carolyn Maconi, Laura Mistretta-Dietz, Terry Stewart, Eileen Sumner, Lori Weaver (Secretary)
Advertising Maxine Lebo (Co-Chair), Annie Venezia (Co-Chair)
Auditing Raymond Book (Chair)
Budget Ken Lebo (Chair), Jack Walsdorf
Bylaws Sean McKinley (Chair), Jerry Keough
Legislative Affairs Open
Membership Pennie Bartholomew (Chair), Phase Representatives
Nominating Mike Finn (Co-Chair), Debbie Wilkins (Co-Chair), Janice Henning, Pennie Bartholomew
Outreach Marti McKinley (Chair)
Web/Directory Jerry Keough (Chair), Alan Cropper, Bill Krewson